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The whole life of Jesus for the whole world

Vision Statement

“Providing inspiring Bible teaching resources to build strong churches across the world"

Word Online was launched with a focus on using simple, clear and accessible Bible teaching as a means of supporting the growth and development of the church worldwide.

Mission Statement

Out of our vision comes our mission……..

“Developing a growing range of quality video-based Bible teaching resources, web based for wide accessibility and free availability, seeking to empower individual Christian discipleship and church growth"

Word Online was launched in 2020 with our first project – teaching through the whole life of Jesus using all the materials of all four Gospels focusing on the narrative as well as Jesus’ teaching. The result is 184 episodes, divided into 14 series.

We hope, in due course, to provide this material also in other languages through transcriptions and sub- titles. We also plan to release material from other parts of the Bible at a later stage.

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