Word Online launching world wide

Word Online launching world wide

Martin Charlesworth

Word online is different! You will probably not have seen anything like it before. There are many excellent bible teaching resources online – but Word online has a unique focus.

  • We are not trying to promote a particular church or movement.
  • We are not sponsored by anyone.
  • We are not aiming to speak to a specific nation.
  • We are not selling anything.
  • We are not trying to make money.
  • Our resources are free and any donations will only go to develop this resource.
  • We are here to serve the church worldwide – unconditionally.

Here is what we are about. We are focused on the use of the Bible as the key resource for practical discipleship. We are aware of the huge numbers of new and growing Christians in many parts of the world who cannot easily get access to a better knowledge of the life and teaching of Jesus. So we have done something no one else has done – as far as we know. We have provided a comprehensive resource which looks at every single aspect of the account of the life of Jesus in the four Gospels. Our conviction is that the Gospels are the best resource in helping us to understand what it means to be disciples of Jesus. We are also aware that many people find some aspects of the Gospels hard to understand or link together.

One of the things which helps us to understand the Gospels is to see how the story all fits together. So we have pieced it all together for you into a single storyline and linked the materials of all the four Gospels. Also, the Series structure helps you to see the story moving forward. There are 184 ‘Episodes’, divided into 14 ‘Series’.

Knowing about Jesus is the most important thing we can do to grow in our faith. The four Gospels are packed full of interesting and significant events, miracles and teachings. They were written to help the first Christians become true followers of Jesus in their day to day lives - we want to let the Gospels do the same for us two thousand years later!

We have tried to make the materials as accessible as possible in the way the story is presented as well as through the sub-titles and transcriptions. We anticipate that many will access Word online via audio or podcasting, so we have tried to make this simple to do. In the longer term we hope to translate the materials into other key languages. For the moment it’s in straightforward English.

You can go through Word online Series by Series if you wish. You can choose a particular Series. you can focus on just one Episode. We anticipate that most of our viewers and listeners will be there to help them grow in their faith. However, others may join us who are simply finding out more about Jesus Christ without yet having a faith in him. Then there will be some who are pastors and church leaders who want to use word online to help with their teaching responsibilities.

Whoever you are, you are most welcome!

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