Two weeks on

Two weeks on

Word Online Team

Word Online launched a couple of weeks ago. Since then, over 1,100 people have visited the site providing encouraging feedback on the experience and the material.


In the first few weeks since Word Online launched, over 1,100 people have visited the site and the data indicates that people are engaging with the material - opening more than one episode. People in several countries across the world have accessed Word Online, including the South Africa, United States, Finland, India and The United Arab Emirates. 

One Church leader’s wife commented,
“I discovered Word Online on Monday and have to tell you what a fantastic thing you have created. I have been recommending it to everyone I meet. It is a wonderful resource and I have already learnt so much from it! It has become a regular part of my daily devotions and I am finding it so helpful.”

Sue in England wrote,
“It was with mounting excitement that I viewed Word Online for the very first time. As I listened to the Episode One, I realised just how much closer I was going to feel to Jesus. To travel with him on his life’s journey. This is a spine-tingling opportunity to draw closer to the Son of God, to draw closer to the most important and the most inspirational story of all time.”

We have already received requests for translations into German and Persian. The vision is that the material will be translated into many languages so that more people can receive the teaching.

We look forward to watching the progress across the world, as more and more people are encouraged to watch the videos and interact with the material. It reminds us of the Parable of the Yeast that Jesus told.

In Series 5 Episode 10, Martin Charlesworth explains that the amount of dough mentioned in the Parable of the Yeast in Matthew 13: 33, is a vast quantity - not just enough for a family.  You wouldn't possibly need that amount of bread unless you're organising a feast for the whole village! Jesus gives this extraordinarily large quantity because he's illustrating the power of the yeast. Jesus likens the power of the Kingdom of God to the yeast. As far as the dough is, the yeast will extend and have its impact, making the final product, the bread which is to be eaten. Indeed, the Kingdom message will spread throughout the whole world.  

We encourage you to help spread the good news of the Kingdom of God by recommending Word Online to your friends and colleagues as one way God can use to do this!

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