How can I access Word Online? Let me count the ways!

How can I access Word Online? Let me count the ways!

Word Online Team

Word Online has been developed so that it can be accessible in a wide variety of ways.


The material is constructed of 184 videos, relating the life story of Jesus chronologically, combining all the material from the four Gospels of the New Testament. Each video is one episode and these are set in 14 series, which mark the different stages of Jesus’ life and his teaching.

These are some of the many ways you might choose to access Word Online.

  1. Watch each video in order. Each video takes about 30 minutes. All of the videos have subtitles, which may be helpful if english isn’t your first language, or simply to help you to engage with the Gospel material fully as you read along.

    In Series 8 Episode 15, Martin Charlesworth comments:

    ‘It is those people who engage with the Gospels at a substantial level, who read carefully, study, reflect on, and meditate on the Gospels, who come to understand that Jesus never called anybody to a comfortable or an easy life. He called them to a life of immense purpose, immense meaning, and immense fulfilment in the sense that we're aligning ourselves to God and his purposes for us.’

  2. Listen to the audio found on the Word Online site or as a Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher. This way you can keep on the move whilst listening!

  3. Read the transcripts of each episode. The transcripts are taken directly from the video and can be found on the episode page itself. Just scroll down. Each transcript takes approximately 20 minutes to read.

  4. Download the file onto your device. If you need to be offline, the video or audio can be downloaded directly from Word Online. You will need to be registered to do this, and downloading files is not supported by all phones. Audio is a great option for offline as it can be downloaded directly onto your device from any of the podcast channels listed above.

  5. Register as a user on the website to gain access to additional features. The site will record your progress, remembering where you have viewed, listened or read – so you can pick up where you left off!

  6. Reference specific subjects or scriptures using the filters. In due course each episode will be tagged to make cross-referencing specific topics, characters and places even easier. This tagging system is being developed by the team at present.

We trust that however you choose to engage with the material, it will ‘empower individual Christian discipleship and church growth’ which is part of our mission statement.

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