Five Star Reviews!

Five Star Reviews!

Word Online Team

Just over a year ago Word Online, The Life of Jesus was launched. Here are reviews from some of the people using it.


The first project of Word Online presented a comprehensive Life of Jesus in 184 episodes. 

Although a star system has not been used, the following people have offered these reviews that we would like to share with you:

JW from Durham:

‘I watched the final ‘Word Online, Life of Jesus’ video this morning. It’s been a long journey but I’m so glad I’ve been able to follow every single episode and reflect upon the life of Jesus in a more continuous way than ever before. Thank you for all the hours of work that it must have entailed to produce such an excellent resource. I’ve learnt a lot and have gained so much from your God-inspired insights.’

NH from Shrewsbury:

I started Word Online, Life of Jesus’ on Series 5 but I intend to go back to the beginning when I have finished this series! I have used the videos with the spoken word but at the same time have used the transcript to help focus my attention. Using all three together has helped me engage with the material. I have learnt a lot from the material which I find supplements my knowledge when listening to others preach on the Gospels. 

The Vision for Word Online has always been to ‘focus on using simple, clear and accessible Bible teaching as a means of supporting the growth and development of the Church worldwide.’ 

 A Senior Pastor in Sierra Leone gave the following feedback::

He was overwhelmingly positive; he found the material so useful he immediately wanted to share it. 

He enjoyed the audios very much. The videos were too heavy for him to download and though he had read some of the scripts, he by far preferred listening to them – and was positive this would be the same for others he knew.

 He found the language clear to understand (he is on a fairly high level), not too fast nor too slow and the time frame for each session was perfect.

 He has been re-listening to some of the episodes because they are so dense in information, and has been taking notes as he listens. 

 “People like to laugh sometimes” was one comment he made but it was explained to him that examples and jokes can be hard to translate into different cultures.’

He would use them to gain more knowledge personally, and loved the geographical and historical frame added to the Bible texts, as this deepened his understanding of the texts. He expressed how he has learned new things he hadn’t heard about before – and was very happy about growing in knowledge.

 This material is now available to you in video or audio format on this website or via our web-based App.

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